Legal Capacity to Marry


Requirements for the Certificate, Status as of October 9, 2002

(Information supplied by Helmut from Limburg)

This paper is required in most German <Standesamt> as a prerequisite to marry your Filipina bride. The only place to issue this paper are the Philippine embassies in Berlin or Bonn, and you have to appear together with your bride in person. 

The requirements:

The procedure: When all the papers are available and correct, the applicant will be invited for an interview in the embassy. During this interview the embassy simply wants to find out if the applicant is really willing to marry her fiancée out of her own and free will. Once this is over and the fee has been paid, the certificate will be issued within a few minutes.

This certificate consist out of an English and a German form, so there is no need for an additional translation  for the German Standesamt.