The Philippine Driver License

In the Philippines there are several types of driver licenses:

a) The Student License
b) The Non Professional Driver License
b) The Professional License
c) The International License

The procedure:

You might choose to check with a driving school, there are a lot available in the Philippines, the training will cost you around 6000 Pesos, but this is not really required.

For novice driver (those who never had any driver license) it always starts with the student license. This can and should be be converted into the non professional driver license (after a month with the student license) , and this one again should be converted into the professional driver license (after 6 month driving in the Philippines).

If you already have a non Philippine driver license, you will need a confirmation from your respective Embassy. With your license and this confirmation the LTO will issue the Philippine driver license (typically the professional one).

For all driver licenses an application has to be done at the LTO (Land Transportation Office). Personal appearance is required in all cases, and you will need 2 passport pictures. Furthermore you will need to undergo a drug test and a health check. The international license is not required in the Philippines, and in most countries this license will not be accepted for driving. The professional license is enough.

The fees:

The Student License 158 Pesos
The non professional license 1000 Pesos
The Professional License 1000 Pesos
The International License 1500 Pesos
The Drug and Health test 1000 Pesos