My Little Sari Sari Store

Now that I have organized so many things to get over from the Philippines, I have seen that there really is some demand in getting our good old used items here in Germany as well. So I decided to make it a little bit more professional. Here are the things which I can get for you or which I might have available. But in case something is missing, don't hesitate to ask. So just contact me, when you interested.

Wedding Gowns, Barongs, Abaka, Summer Clothes like Malongs, Bestida

Magic Karaoke Microphone 
Karaoke VCDs (English, Tagalog), Movie VCDs

Philippine Cooking Books, Travel Guides, Maps, Culture Shock

Rings, Pendants, chains etc.

Vases, Sungka, Flowers

Recharge for Philippine Handy's