Evelyn's Corner

My Trip to Europe: 

Hi, my name is Evelyn Rosales, a typical Filipina, right now I'm here in Germany for three month, Why? Okay, let me tell you something first. My sister is married to a German citizen, and now they invited me to visit them in Germany, to see how Germany looks like. 

Finally I made it!!!!!!!!!!! But let me tell you first how I processed my tourist visa. 

1) Before I went to the Embassy I had my all papers (birth certificate, single certificate and parental affidavit) authenticated by the NSO, the Ombudsman and the DFA. The last two papers were not really necessary, they would only be needed when I would marry here in Germany, which I do not plan… Then, when my papers were ready I went to the Embassy to submit my all documents. This included the invitation from my brother in law and his wife, my sister. The interviewer they just asked me a few question. Finally they told me that I should come back after two days. Then I would learn if I got my visa or not. 

2) After two days I went back to the Embassy and I really got my visa. My sister Lhiza and me were very happy about that. It just took two days, but sure I had all my papers ready before. After two weeks I got my plane ticket. Now I was very excited that time because finally one of my dreams was coming true. My first flight, and  I was always wondering what kind of life in Germany I would encounter. 

Then on March 16 2001, that’s the date of my flight, I left in Manila at 8:45 PM. Some friends of my sister Lhiza took me to the airport. I now was very nervous because I did not know what I had to do. The first thing I did was “check-in”, there was no problem about my luggage because it was not too heavy. Then I paid 1,620 Pesos for "travel tax". I always carried my passport and ticket, these were the two most important documents for the airport. Secondly, I fill up a small form called "departure form" I paid 550 peso for "airport tax" to immigration counter showed my ticket and passport: there was no problem at all. I still had a little bit time to do some walking around inside the airport. At boarding time I went to the gate where my airplane was. I still felt a bit nervous but I believe I did handle that. I wanted to know everything about all these new experiences. 

When my seat number was called I immediate proceeded to the line and the stewardess assisted me. WOW!!!!!!!!! first time I saw how an airplane looks from the inside. I liked it!!! After a couple of minutes the airplane started to roll. A few seconds later I just found out that the airplane was already in the air............... Fascinating for me, I didn't know what I felt when we are on air. Finally I felt comfortable enough. I fall asleep, awake, sleep more and more. A bit bored because first time I made it....

After 13 hours on air,  they announced that we were already close to landing. I new was really excited again. Then when the airplane touched down in Frankfurt Airport I prepared myself to go out. Then I followed the sign "Baggage claim". I went to passport control first and I showed my passport and ticket again. Then   I am very happy because I saw my sister Lhiza, my brother in-law Andy and my two cutest niece Lyn and Sarah. After that we went to the baggage area and claimed my luggage. Then after 45 minutes we drove to their home, Finally we were in Reinheim. (the place of my sister).

And now I am already here for 5 days. My first experience I encountered here is a new climate. It is so very, very cold. I love to stayed inside our place more than outside because inside it is warm and the same Philippine  temperature. But of course my sister want me to walk around. Brattttttttt............ cold, cold and hope after a couple of days I get really used the cold temperature already. Now I'm here now for 5 days I am still learning and finding how's the life here in Germany. But I believe is more wonderful place, with a more beautiful countryside than other countries. But very cold,  even it is "SPRING TIME" Anyway, so far I am still enjoying because I'm with my sister and brother in law and my two makukulit nieces here in Germany. These is my beautiful experienced so far here in Germany ...... 

That's all 

Thank you!!!!!