Mabuhay - Welcome - Willkommen

Hello there!!! Welcome to my home page. Make yourself feel at home... Enjoy the view, enjoy the links, ...and enjoy watching our  "Smiling Faces". At the end of your stay, please sign my guest book and have a good day....."SMILES", di ba!!! :-)  

Yes, all started back on a tiny groups of islands in the Pacific Ocean called "Philippines", meaning the PEARL OF THE ORIENT SEA.


In the middle of the night, somewhere in a province called BICOL, more than 500 kilometers south of Manila in the year of 1968, my mother decided that she had enough of me spending too much time inside her womb "scuba diving, dancing and kick boxing" made up her mind and pushed me out into this colorful planet called "Earth". I graduated in primary and secondary course in my beloved small home town, undergraduated in "Computer Programming", but stopped early because I was too lazy. I enjoyed much  more sleeping, eating and partying with my friends.Lhiza and Lynlyn

This was a girl called Lhiza Rosales, a tiny smiling filipina, with brown complexion, long black hair and a big smile. Right now they call me " Lhiza Schuetz". I am living now in Germany, in a little town called Reinheim (see map), 20 kilometers south of Darmstadt, , which again is 30 kilometers south of Frankfurt, with my beautiful but sometimes "makulit" daughters Lynlyn (Jovielyn) and Sarah and my loving husband Andy. Sarah May

He was the one who suggested to me to create my own homepage. He wanted me to be happy here and meet a lot of Filipina around the world, especially here in Europe. But of course I love to hear from all of you from the Philippines too.  

I believe that I have a lot of knowledge to share, like for instance how to apply for a visa for Germany (or one of the Schengen States), how to process all th epapers when you want to marry a Filipina or were to find all the ingredients which you need to cook decent Philippine food.