Document and Services

You need documents from the Philippines offices? We can help with our special contacts to the Philippine authorities. We can organize Single Certificates, Birth Certificates, Passports, all Legalizations etc. Furthermore we offer the possibility that your Filipina can stay in a boarding house close to Manila with complete meals, including pickup service from the airport or the bus station, and personal support in all required activities.

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Price / Certified


Processing Time

Birth Certificate   €20,00  


  4 Days
Single Certificate   €20,00       5 Days
Parental Affidavit   €20,00   €110,00   1 Day
Wedding Certificate   €20,00       5 Days
Death Certificate   €20,00       5 Days
Passport   €70,00       2 Weeks

Cert. of existing Doc.


2 Weeks

Legal Capacity to Marry(*)   €60,00       3 Days
Embassy Support   €200,00        
=> Includes            
Visa Fee            
CFO Seminar            
Translation of standard Documents   €15,00   €25,00   3 Days
Translation of Birth Certificate   €25,00   €35,00   3 Days
Translation of Divorce Certificate   €25,00   €35,00   3 Days
Full pension in Laguna / Day   650,00 PHP    
Booking of Airline Tickets   €10,00    
Pickup Service Airport   2000,00 PHP    

Pickup Service Bus/Manila

  2000,00 PHP    
Pickup Service Harbour/Manila   2000,00 PHP    
Pickup Service Bus/Laguna   €5,00    
CFO Transportation   2000,00 PHP    
Embassy Transportation   2500,00 PHP    
Pocket Money   €7,50    


These fees apply only for properly registered applicants. In case of late registrations, these prices have to be negotiated, because the Philippine authorities will require a lot more paper to prove the identity of the applicant.

(*) For the legal capacity to contract marriage document form the German Embassy we need the German <Ehefähigkeitszeugnis>, a copy of your passport and a document enabling us to handle on your behalves.