Philippine Banks
For a Remark on the Topic Phishing See End of List

Bank Name Internet Remittance Swift/BIC Paypal Bank Code
ABC Asian Bank Corporation        
ADB Asian Development Bank        
Allied Bank Allied Bank No Yes ABCMPHMM 010320013
AT Asia Trust        
AUB Asia United Bank Yes Yes   011020011
BancNet The Banking Network No No    
BDO Banco Dio Oro Yes Yes BOPBPHMM 010530667
BF Banco Filipino Savings and Martgage Bank     FIAOPHM1  
BPI  (Bank of the Philippine Islands) Yes Yes BPFFPHM1 010040018
BSP Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas No No   010030015
China Bank China Bank Philippines No Yes CHBKPHMM 011140014
Citybank Citybank of the Philippines Yes No    
HSBC HSBC Savings Bank     HBPHPHMM 010060014
ISLA Bank Isla Bank Yes No    
Keppel Keppel Bank Philippines No No    
Landbank Landbank of the Philippines Yes Yes TLBPPHMM 010350025
MetroBank Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company Yes No MBTCPHMM 010269996
PNB Philippine National Bank Yes Yes PNBMPHMM 010080010
RCBC   Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Yes Yes RCBCPHMM  
Security Bank Security Bank Corporation No No    
Union Union Bank of the Philippines Yes No    
UCPB United Coconut Bank No No UCPBPHMM  

Phishing is done via emails which look like official emails from respective money institutes. The recipient is typically asked to visit a website which again looks very close like the official website of the institute and to enter there personal data. This is typically a credit card number plus the associated PIN. It could be a social security number as well. All these data will then be used in a criminal way to steal your money or even worse, steal your complete identity.

All money institutes never asked for PIN information or other personal identification information. So whenever you recieve such an email, even when it says, the service for you would be terminated, just ignore it.