Travel Agents with special offers for flights going to the Philippines. 
Most of them offer Balikbayan tariffs also, look for Balikbayan or for ethnic tariffs.

Offices in Frankfurt, Berlin and Wertheim, all in Germany
Air Travel Ufer Office in Koblenz
Fly to Paradise New Travel Agency in Hamburg, specialized on the Philippines and other paradises Office in Emmendingen/Germany
Kirschner Reisen Offices in Cologne/Germany and Manila
anderes reisen GmbH
Office in Weingarten/Germany
Durian Travel (Alexander Krier) Am Hellinger 16
55768 Hoppstädten-Weiersbach
Telefon: 06782-989623 * Fax: 06782-989624
JIB Tours Jo-ann Ybañez-Vollmer, Rottenburg
Vollmer Reisen Rottenburg
Get-Well-Travel Office in Achern/Germany
Heiko Schubert
Schwarzwaldstr. 54
79194 Gundelfingen
Jürgen Emmerich
Habitzheimer Ruh 8
64823 Groß-Umstadt
06078 - 910307

The following travel agents do not offer special tariffs for ethnic travel, at least not their web sites


Last Minute Partner of TUI, Intour, Robinson and LTU
Office in Ober Mörlen