Whow, you have fallen in love with a beautiful Filipina, and both you you want nothing else than spent the rest of your life together.

But, she lives in the Philippines and you are living in Germany, which is 10000 Kilometers apart. The distance is killing your heart. Your beloved Filipina needs to join with you in your home in Germany. What to do????????????? 

So, it is quite easy. Your Filipina applies for a visa, you pay her a ticket for the flight, and she will be in Germany 2 weeks later!!!!

Wrong, this does not work this way.

First of all, there are several types of visa which she could apply for:

Tourist visa: You need to get a certificate from your Alien Office where you sign that you will be responsible for all expenses and for all legal or illegal activities of your future wife once she is in Germany. Easy to get, you sign this in front of the officer in the Alien Office, pay your fee and mail it to your Filipina. She fills out the visa application form, provides some passport pictures, her birth certificate, and brings all that together with her passport to the German Embassy in Manila and pays the fees. Three day later she gets the information that she can pick up her passport again. Her visa is denied!!!! (Nearly 100% of all tourist visa are denied by the German Embassy!!!).

Family Reunion Visa is applicable when you have given up the whole mess with your German authorities (Marriage registration office, Alien Office, High Court) and you simply married your Filipina in the Philippines. According to the German Law you and your wife have the basic right to live together in Germany. Another situation where you have to apply for a family reunion visa is in the case that your Filipina gets a bay from you. According to the German Law this baby is automatically a German Citizen (as the father is German). Just register your baby within 2 weeks after the birth and the baby will get it's German Passport (or Kinderausweis) within 1-3 month. Now the baby has the right to move to Germany, and of course has to be accompanied by his mother. Don't worry, this will work, but the baby will be able to walk on his own legs before you can hug it and it's mother in the airport in Germany. So you will find out very soon that this visa is even more difficult to get than the Fiancée visa. But don't worry, this visa never has been rejected, you your Filipina wife will get it in time (a year later!?)

The Fiancée Visa: This is the only visa which we can recommend as this one has a 100% chance to finally be approved by the German Embassy. It still will take between 4-8 month, sometimes longer, but your beloved Filipina will get get it for sure.

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