Visa for the Philippines

There are 4 possible types of Visa available for the Philippines:

The Tourist Visa
The Quota Visa
The Permanent Residence Visa
The Retirement Visa (see also the website of the Philippine Retirement Autority)

The Tourist Visa

Citizens of most countries can enter the Philippines without the need for a special visa as long as they do not stay longer than 21 days. Prerequisite is a valid return ticket and a passport which is valid for 6 month longer than the intended stay in the Philippines. If the stay will exceed 21 days, a visa has to be applied for at the local Philippine embassy:

What are the requirements:
Price: Single Entry Visa for 59 days (three Month) 39
Multiple Entry Visa (59 Days per stay), valid 6 Month 78
Multiple Entry Visa (59 Days per stay), valid 1 Years 117

Visa can be extended at the Immigration Office in Intramuros in Manila.

Bureau of Immigration Bldg.
Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila
+632 527-3260 | +632 527-3248

Processing time: Express, 1 Day, Standard, 1 Week
Costs: Application Form: 1000 Pesos, Visa: 500 Pesos, LRF 20 Pesos, Express: 500 Pesos

Special conditions for minor below the age of 15. Such minors cannot enter the Philippines when they do not have a <Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG)> which has to be issued from the Philippine Immigration office (Embassy). This is only true when they travel unaccompanied and are not visiting a parent in the Philippines.

Balikbayan Rules

1) All former Filipinos can enter the Philippines without any visa (keep your old passport, or bring your birth  certificate).
2) All spouses of Filipinos or former Filipinos (Bring your wedding certificate)
3) All accompanied children of Filipinos or former Filipinos (Bring their birth certificate)

The Quota Visa

The quota Visa does not require to be married to a Filipino citizen,
Price: 125000 Pesos, Annual Fee 310 Peso
What are the requirements:

The Permanent Residence Visa
Price: 45000 Pesos
Applicable for foreigners married to a Philippine citizen!
Conversion to Non-Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage 13a
What are the requirements:

The Retirement Visa
Price: 125000 Pesos, 200 USD Service Fee, Processing fee (see below), 7600 Pesos conversion fee and 1% Tax on the deposit, plus annual fee 10.000 Peso
What are the requirements: