A big Warning

Top News Flash (06.February 2003) : Olivia Buanen does not exist anymore. Click here to read the Story

Sorry that I have to publish this page. I have learned now from several Germans that they obviously have been ripped of their money because they believed they have found the love of their life. Would you like that girl on the picture? Really beautiful, sexy, and sure somebody to fall in love with? 

Mario in Germany found an advertisement in a local (!) German newspaper saying that a lonely Filipina is searching via this way a reliable, loveable and true German husband. Mario responded, and a nice pen friendship developed. Interesting is that she could write letters in German, which is quite unusual for Filipina. Normally none would have the time and the interest to learn that language. 

And sure, after a quite some letters the topic came up that she would love to meet the man of her heart in Germany. But as she does not have any money available she asked Mario of course if he could send some money for the passport and visa application process. And Mario sent 13000 Pesos, plus the required invitation paper. And after a short while of course it was time to book a flight to come to Germany. Again that beautiful girl asked for the money to be able to buy the ticket. Mario had already studied "Lhiza's Corner" and found that it would be better to deposit the ticket at some airline agency. But the girl wrote back that this usually does not work, because the ticket would be printed worn or delayed. So he sent money again.

Then the communication stopped. He never got a phone number, the address in Manila does not exist as he found out now, (they communicated via Email), he did not know what airline she was planning to fly with etc. When he contacted us for help we asked him to check with the German Embassy if she ever applied for a visa for Germany. Of course she never did.


The other story is very similar. Frank found the advertisement, and they started to exchange letters and faxes (no email). But he had to write to a P.O. box, so he did not even have an address of his loved Filipina. Again she wrote in German, and sure he sent some money, and then the communication stopped as well.

Our Assumption: These activities are not done by a Filipina but by Germans which are living in the Philippines. We have analyzed emails and faxes and found that sometimes dialect phrases are being used. Such a language is never taught in any German school. This is the reason as well that there was never any phone contact. The surprise would have been too big when a male voice would answer the phone. 

Our recommendation: When you want to meet your beautiful Filipina in person, go and visit her in the Philippines. And of course never send any money when you can use different ways to make her come over to Germany. And of course, when you feel any doubt, just contact me.

Known email addresses being used are:


Newest update (May 2001). In the meantime we learned from some more cases, in one of them the money was already transferred and the communication of course stopped. The other case is still pending and we are waiting how it will continue.

News flash 2 (May 20, 2001). In the above mentioned other case it could be verified that this is the same lady as in the previous cases. But the guy is informed and will for sure not send any money. 

News flash 3 (May 21, 2001). We got an email from an American who got contacted by Mel as well. This is his email:
>>I just discover your warning page and realize, that I have received  exactly the same picture by a Filippina lady who claimed her name  was Mel Peres from Cebu City, 23 y/o, living in Manila now. And she  wrote was working as restaurant manager having started as a simple  waitress. She wrote in English though but said she could also write in German.  After my second Email to her, in which I asked how she learned German  so well (she wrote one German sentence), I got no reply any more. Maybe the details help in any way? I found her pen pal ad at  www.meetmeonline.com, her ID at this site of "AmericanSingles" is > #4139237 and her screen name there was Babs, if I get it correctly.  The funny thing is: She didn't contact me, I contacted her. And her  ad was without a picture. She sent this in her reply to my request for penpalship.  Maybe some of her story is true and she can speak/write German  because of working in hotel business? Or has German partner/husband? <<

News flash 4 (May 31, 2001). We have informed the German Police. They recommended that all people who got contacts like this and lost their money or were close to loose it and saved it only because they read this warning, should inform their responsible criminal office. Furthermore they should contact me, so that we can make a list of these people and publish their cases in this page (Without any personnel details, but the police of course would need them).  They should print this page then and take it to the responsible officer. 

News flash 5 (June 11, 2001). Two more cases have come to our knowledge. This time the name is Olivia Buanen, and the story goes a bit different. After a serious relation has been established, a meeting and a vacation  in the Philippines is planned. Olivia organizes the hotel in Manila and the resort (Boracay or similar). Of course she needs money for this. But suddenly her mother falls seriously ill, and she needs urgently money for the surgery. Shortly after that the mother dies, and Olivia has to cancel the vacation because of the mourning period. Here as well there has never been a phone contact, and Olivia wrote in German. We have checked the hotel and the hospital, there has never been the doctor which was used a as proof nor the patient, and there was no reservation in the hotel. The address of Olivia is: Olivia Buanen,134 Harrison Street, 2428 Urdaneta City, Philippines

News flash 6 (June 14, 2001). Since the story of Olivia in in our warning, we got hold of three more cases of people being ripped off by Olivia, Bruno, Stefan and a friend of Stefan.

News flash 7 (June 18, 2001). Bruno from Switzerland has done some research and found some real interesting information. None of the emails he has received had been sent from the Philippines. Half of them came from Thailand, and the other half had been sent from Germany. You can easily track this when you switch on the extended email header display, find out the first IP-address and check this via the following web site: http://www.interrob.de/suche/ip/. Thanks Bruno....

News Flash 8 (July 9, 2001). We learned from the German Embassy, that they know about additional 7 cases. So the total number of cases increases to 26, and increasing.....

News Flash 9 (August 23). In the meantime both Olivia and Mel Perez know of this warning. Julio from Spain made the mistake to sign our guest book, and the contact broke immediately.

News Flash 10 (October 2). We have learned quite some information about Olivia. She is Filipina, but has lived a long time in Germany. That's why she can write in German. Of course she does not use pictures of herself (she must be close to 50), but misuses pictures of some other women. 

Once more the information: all the pictures which you can see on this page probably are from some innocent Filipinas which do not even know that their pictures are misused like that. It is highly probably that the email writers are some Germans who earn a lot of money with this method. This explains as well why there is no phone contact possible, because with their male voice they would immediately blow their story. 

Currently known cases:

 1  Frank in Saarbrücken
 2  Mario in Heidelberg
 3  Peter in Nürnberg
 4  Fritz in Hanover
 5  Andreas in Bonn
 6  Günter in Lower Saxony
 7  Michael in Darmstadt
 8  Bruno from Switzerland
 9  Stefan from the Rhine
10 Friend of Stefan
11 Edgar from the Odenwald
12 Uwe from Neustadt
13 Heiko from the Cologne area
14 Konrad from Heidelberg
15 Thomas from Karlsruhe
16 Günter from Bonn
17 Ingo from Hamburg
18 Klaus from Sachsen /Anhalt
19 Frank from Switzerland
20 Nico from Switzerland