Samantha Nichol Cruz

A new case, just reported to me by a German who lost a lot of Euro to that girl.

Sorry that I have to publish this page. I have learned from a Germans that he obviously had been ripped of his money because he believed he have found the love of his life. Would you like that girl on the picture? Really beautiful, sexy, and sure somebody to fall in love with? Scroll down to read the story!

Samantha is available in various dating sites, claims to be a nurse or just studying the become a nurse. For close to two years the German regularly got bills from her issued by a nursing school in Iligan City. Upon checkup we found that all these bills ware fake, the school now is taking legal steps against her as well. Of course, she fall ill several times, and needed money for the doctors and hospitals, the usual methods to extract some money.  So be warned!!!!