Faked Job Offers in Austria

"Job in Manila": Money to be paid in advance, a Reprot of the <Arbeitskammer Nieder Österreich> 24.03.2005

The job situation in Austria is miserable. But this is a chance for some clever criminals. They offer interesting jobs in Manila. All applicants will be invited for a personal interview in Manila. They only have to pay the ticket, the rest will be organized by the new company. Well, the one who pay loose their money.

Mr. X. was careful and checked first with the <Arbeiterkammer>.  He had read an AD from a company called "Motor Star Inc. Philippines", and he applied for a job as the head of the depot.  The response was favorable, they called in Austria and invited him for an appointment in Manila. He only became suspicious when the company asked him to transfer 460 Euro via Western Union for the flight ticket. Mr. X asked that the ticket should be send  first before he transferred the money.

Sorry, this is not possible. Somebody already misused the ticket and simply made a vacation in the Philippines. But "Motor Star Inc." could offer the following: He should transfer the money via Western Union, but should not forward the 10 digit code number required to withdraw the money. This should happen when he would be in Manila. Well, the <Arbeiterkammer> found out that the company  "Motor Star Inc.". does not exist, and furthermore it is quite easy to withdraw the money from Western Union even without the code. 

Big Warning: Never transfer advance cash wehn you are not absolutely sure that everything is all right!!!!!