Faked Job Offers in Germany

Attention! Faked Job Offers (Warning from the German Embassy in Manila!!!!)

Unfortunately the German Embassy repeatedly learns about unemployed Germans who react to emails offering highly paid jobs in the Philippines. When they apply, they get contracts ready for signing, plus the request to pay in advance for the flight ticket, the accommodation and more. But the hiring company does not exist, and the transferred money disappears in the pockets of some rich criminals.

Therefore the embassy discourages everybody to pay anything in advance when you are not absolutely sure that this is correct.

Internet-Cheaters uncovered in the  auf den Philippines (Report of the Handelsblatt 22. 2. 2005)

Policemen from Germany uncovered an Internet fraud. More then 40 police stations have been searching more then 10 years for the responsible people. Finally they found a 57 year of man in an Internet Café in Cebu, and sent him back to Germany.

The cheating was incredible: Police in Cologne alone knows about more than 200 cases. The culprit was looking especially for unemployed people and cheated them for more than a few hundreds of thousands of Euros. The real amount is still unknown, but the will be more than a million.

When the Philippine Police arrested the German, they found him living in luxury. He was the owner of several houses, a motor bike, a boat, and he got several women. He was living in a paradise under the palm trees. And it was so easy, The only tool  he needed was his laptop and an Internet connection.

He asked his victims to transfer money .for other customers to his accounts. Then he convinced companies to transfer money to these people. Before the companies found out that this was all faked, the money typically was long gone to the Philippines.